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Amicale Spitfire

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(wav format)

Listen to the famous gun start of the Spitfire, 8 bits sound, 87k
Same sound, 16 bits, 360ko
MK3 Spitfire and birds :-), 8bits, 11Khz, mono, 72Ko
Same sound, 8bits, 22Khz, stereo, 280Ko

(format mp3)

Gun Start (mp3, 96k/s, 49ko)
MK3 Spitfire and birds (mp3, 64k/s, 54ko)
Broken Engine, Spitfire mk2 (mp3, 128k/s, 324ko)
Worn differential, Spitfire mk3 (mp3, 128k/s, 337ko)
Another worn differential, Spitfire 1500, recorded by Jérôme (mp3,64k/s, 810ko)

! Video !

(Real Audio/video Format)

One minute video by Peter Hill

Racing Spitfire, 146 ko file
Same Clip, better quality, 582 ko file

To get the free Real audio-video player clic here.

Period promotional movies : take a look on the dutch Spitfire Club

! Poster !

(clic to enlarge)
Jean-Jacques de Galkowsky is well known for his passion about Fiat and Abarth, as well as his talent as a graphist. He remembers that he used to drive a Spitfire, and proposes two great Triumph posters recounting the history of the make. To order them, pay a visit to his site :

Julien Valo, who drew this Spitfire 4 with charcoal in Montlhèry, propose his services if you wish to have your car drawn... Watercolour, another example of his talent You can contact him by email.
(c) Julien Valo (c) Julien Valo
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