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Amicale Spitfire
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If you need to know what is a Spitfire, check the Triumph brochures page, or "My Spit" directories for various models.

En route vers le Nord   North Cape roadbook (French)
30 days and 9000 km for 3 Spitfire in holidays
Triumph Spitfire Dinky Toys N°114   Triumph Scale Models
Over 470 models and 900 photos in the database !
Triumph Herald   Herald
Love or hate, can't be indifferent.
Triumph Vitesse   Vitesse
Beautiful eyes and six cylinders
Triumph engine, Thermo-photo   Thermik
See engine temperature !
different hardtops for Spitfire   Specials Hardtops
Many models in fiberglass.
different bonnets for Spitfire   Specials Bonnets
Many models in fiberglass.
modified Spitfire   Alain made his toy
A special Spitfire Mk3 rebuilt from scratch.
ADU2B before Le Mans in 1964   ADU's - Le Mans et Monte-Carlo
Spitfires were on the track at Le Mans and Monte-Carlo !
Bond Equipe GT4S   Bond "Equipe"
Built from 1963 à 1970, on the Herald frame.
Spartan, Spitfire based   Specials
Many "kit cars" in UK, based on Spitfire frame.
La Spitfire de papa   Karl Simper is looking for his father's Spitfire.
FC 1L   The FC1L owned by Ralf, the first Spitfire ?.
  Spitfire mk3 USA, already had the mkIV facia
  Spitfire US, the 1980 USA model, watch differences with our European models (car seen for sale on

Check also the Triumph Brochures page, and the magazines Triumph ads "Page de Pub" page.

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Last update 1st july 2001

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